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FireTower Server Installation

FireTower Security Solution
  • Installation Steps
  • Install FireTower Server
  • Windows Cyber Console
  • FireTower Registration
  • Change Default Password
  • Troubleshooting
    ->Install Issues
  • Troubleshooting
    ->CyCon Connectivity
  • Next Step: Deploy

Please note that the PC to host FireTower Service requires a Windows x64 architecture with Microsoft PowerShell 3.0 and above. The preferred FireTower Service PC is a Windows 10 Pro x64 machine.

At your PC to host FireTower Service:

  1. Download FireTower Server and Cyber Console Installer Software
  2. Execute the downloaded installer software to install FireTower Server and Cyber Console service and its operating environment (XAMPP Communication Stack)
  3. After FireTower Service is successfully installed:
    1. log in to WinCyCon.exe (ID: admin, and default password: admin) to make sure FireTower service is installed and operating properly,
    2. change your default password, and
    3. create a client enrollment package to deploy and protect endpoint computers.
  1. Click the following URL to download FireTower-CyberConsole-XAMPP-Installer.exe Download Link for FireTower Server and Cyber Console Installer Software
  2. Use the following 30-day trial key to activate your FireTower Server license during the installation process when prompted: 070BB-C2A07-2FAF5-16D68-A6F966

Cyber Console for Windows (wincycon.exe) provides an interactive threat exploration interface with built-in analytics to hunt for indicators of compromise, to deliver comprehensive endpoint visibility and to enhance the detection and containment of malicious activities.

  1. WinCyCon.exe is located at FireTower Server system C:\xampp\cycon\bin\x64 for x64 machine or C:\xampp\cycon\bin\x86 for x86 machine
  2. Cyber Console for Windows can be run from anywhere as long as the FireTower Server system has a routable IP or reachable through DNS record.
  3. Cyber Console for Windows could be run from any Windows PC, make sure you have the right architecture version for your Windows system.

Without registration,  your FireTower installation will only function for 30 days.

Please register your FireTower Security Solution installation with Sampan Security, Inc., we will then convert your 30-day trial license to an one-year subscription license to protect up to 25 endpoint computers, please note this is for personal use only.

Registration Steps:

  1. Please login to your Cyber Console and access Account Management Tab and copy the content of your installation “Maintenance ID” field
  2. Please paste your Maintenance ID to the comment field of Contact Us Form and submit the form.

To change the default admin password: “admin” to FireTower Cyber Console:

  1. Login to Cyber Console (Wincycon.exe)
  2. Click Account Management Tab
  3. Select Admin from the User Pane, and click down “User Action” and select “Edit User”
  4. Enter new password and click “OK”

Possible scenarios for installation failure:

Windows System requirements not met:

  • x64 architecture only
  • Microsoft Powershell 3.0 and above: please follow Microsoft instructions to upgrade to Powershell 3.0

Communication port requirements not met:

  • Port 80 (http), 443 (https), 3306 (MySQL)

Please follow the URLs listed below to resolve your communication port issues:

  1. If you have VMware Workstation installed, (port 443 used)
  2. If you are running from Windows 10 (port 80 used by IIS)
  3. If you are running from Windows 7 SP1 (port 80 used by NT Kernel)
  4. If you are running from Windows 7 SP1 (port 80 used by W3SVC or MSDepSvc, Web Deployment Agent Service)

Symptom: “Cannot connect to localnet” when you try to sign in to FireTower Cyber Console (WinCyCon.exe from desktop shortcut) from the FireTower Server PC:

Possible reasons:

  1. Apache (C:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe) is not running or listen on Port 80
  2. Apache (C:\xampp\apache\bin\httpd.exe) is not running or listen on Port 443
  3. MySQL (C:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe) is not running or listen on Port 3306

Troubleshooting tips:

  1. Execute the included diagnostic tool at C:\xampp\cycon\bin\CyConDiagnostic.exe and send us the result, or
  2. Follow Section V, FireTower Server Troubleshooting at FireTowerTroubleshootingGuide to identify culprit by
    1. Accessing Apache landing page through “http://localhost”
    2. Accessing Apache landing page through “https://localhost”
    3. Please verify using Control Panel\Administrator Tools\Services that Apache (httpd.exe) and MySQL (mysqld.exe) service are running
  3. If you are using third-party Firewall, please make sure you setup inbound firewall rules for Apache and MySQL services.

Now the FireTower Server Software has been installed successfully, let’s proceed to client deployment for protection.

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