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FireTower Solution Explorations

FireTower Security Solution
Prerequisite requirements of a Hands-on Exploration session

The prerequisite requirements to a hands-on session are (1) a Windows machine (Windows 7/8/10 x64 or Server 2008/2012 x64 preferred) and (2) download and execute WinCyCon.exe (digitally signed by Sampan Security, Inc.).  Once WinCyCon.exe is downloaded to the Windows machine and executed, it will automatically connect to a demonstration network at, a Sampan Security demonstration network/domain.

FireTower Cyber Console Threat Exploration Interface: Sideline Observation

For an armchair and sideline observation tour, download and execute WinCyCon.exe and then explore the interactive threat exportation interface with built-in analytics to hunt for Indications of Compromise.

FireTower Cyber Console Threat Exploration Interface: active participation

For an armchair and active participation tour, go to Account Management Tab of Cyber Console and download an enrollment package.  Unzip the enrollment download and execute to install the FireTower Client software on any PC (could be the one you are running WinCyCon.exe).  This will allow you to experiment EDR capabilities provided by FireTower Cyber Console with your Windows PC in the midst (Please note that for this demonstration network, Cyber Console will not issue any command to your PC.) When you finish with this exploration, you could uninstall FireTower Client software from Control Panel/Programs and Features and your information will be deleted from the demonstration network.

FireTower Cyber Console Threat Exploration Interface: full Experimentation

For a full evaluation of FireTower Security Solution, through a quick setup with a pre-configured FireTower service software using XAMPP environment, explore FireTower continuous monitoring, intrusion detection, and real-time forensics features.

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